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Update - February 2016

Gwynedd Challenge

The Gwynedd Challenge public consultation
survey results are published

Between September and December 2015, the Council started on the process of identifying possible service cuts by carrying out a comprehensive Gwynedd-wide public consultation in which residents, businesses and organisations were invited to have their say on the ‘long list’ of 118 possible service cut options that are currently under consideration.

Over the course of the public consultation, a total of 2142 questionnaire responses were received from Gwynedd residents, businesses and organisations and over 615 members of the public attended a series of 32 public forums or drop in sessions.

The full report is available on the Gwynedd web site - here
below we reproduce some of the elements that relate to Barmouth Bridge.

Economy and Tourism - ECON6 - Option: Barmouth Bridge:Stop paying the fee to Network Rail for the right for pedestrians, cyclists and motor cyclists to use the footbridge.
Number who want to protect the service - 691 - percentage - 32.3%
The equivalent numbers for the the 3 southern Catchment areas:
Ardudwy (137 total responses) - 97 - 70.8%
Y Gader (150)- 94 - 62.7%
Tywyn (173) - 116 - 67.1%

At the end of the questionnaire there was an opportunity for respondents to note any further suggestions/comments.
7.3.4 Economy:Comments were received by 59 respondents wishing to safeguard services within the field of the Economy.
Barmouth Bridge(Econ 6)– received the highest number of comments in the field (35 comments).
The bridges(Barmouth Bridge and the Aber Swing Bridge, Caernarfon) also received the highest number of suggestions, with the suggestion of charging a fee being the most popular (25 comments), especially with regards to Barmouth Bridge.

The council also received general correspondence during the survey period:
Barmouth Bridge(Econ6)– correspondence was received from 8 individuals and/or organisations, with many of these expressing concern about the impact on tourism and asking if research could be carried out into the possibility of charging a fee on bridge users.

Gwynedd Challenge Public consultation survey results


Update - January 2016

Barmouth Bridge Action Day

We have now added a couple of videos taken on the Action Day, 31st October 2015, to our website.

This were produced by Roy Spilsbury and Mark Puddle and can be found on our Project Video Page


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