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Project Introduction - April 2013

The group was established with a formal constitution and bank account in February 2013 although three of the group had been putting together the bones of the idea for a couple of months before.

Our initial starting point was to brief Barmouth Town Council on the proposed project. The Town Council gave their full support to the group working on the proposals in late February 2013.

Since its formation, the group has obtained funds to allow it to employ a local civil engineering consultancy to construct a computer aided model of our concept.

We have also commissioned the making of a short video presentation illustrating the current difficulties and dangers of the existing access from the main Barmouth - Dolgellau road (A496) to the bridge.

At an early stage we identified two key bodies who need to be supportive of the project for it to stand any chance of success. These are Gwynedd Council, in terms of planning consents, and Network Rail, who own the land and structures, on which the access would have to be built.

We have met some of the relevant senior staff of Network Rail who have so far been very encouraging and have mapped out the ways in which we would need to proceed.

Similarly, the appropriate GC planning officer has looked at the ideas and has been helpful and supportive, giving guidance on procedures.

Additionally, we have received written support and offers of advice from the North Wales branch of 'SUSTRANS', the sustainable transport NGO.

Finally a public meeting to 'launch' the proposal was held at The Dragon Theatre on 19th March. The response to the project was overwhelmingly positive and demonstrated that the people of Barmouth enthusiastically supported the plans.

Subsequent to the public meeting a letter was received expressing some concerns with the project. The group will ensure that these concerns are borne in mind as they progress the project.


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